The N3NKV Repeater is now on 146.49+  1.00 Offset!

From the repeater owners desk:

Many hams think you have to keep you repeater on 24/4.  No you don’t.
Many hams think you have to have a repeater that covers more that 5 miles out from the repeater site.  No you don’t
My thoughts on repeaters are they are part of amateur radio.  This is a hobby and we should play with our toys and do what ever we want to them.
If we want them to have the repeater have, repeater courtesy tone be a crowing rooster.  That is my choice.


Repeater Information 

The N3NKV 146.490 Repeater is located 6 miles south of downtown Erie, PA.
The repeater is not on 24/7.  
If you would like the access codes, please e-mail N3NKV at
A PL tone of 186.2 is required to access the repeater.
The elevation at the repeater site is 1330 ASL

Please note there maybe times the repeater maybe offline.  
If you would like to use the repeater, please contact N3NKV @ and he will provide the appropriate control codes. 


Repeater Coverage

Click on Map for Enlarged Version.

Red Area= Handheld Coverage
Blue Area = Mobile Coverage
Gray = Base Station Coverage


Repeater Information

Repeater: Yaesu System Fusion DR-1X
Controller: Arcom  RC-210
Power Output: 25-50 Watts


Receive Antenna: Diamond X510NA @ 90 Feet
Transmit Antenna:  Cushcraft ARX-2B @ 20 Feet

There may days when these antennas may be swapped.  I like to experiment with antennas!


Allstar Link Information

The N3NKV Repeater has the capabilities to connect to the connected to the Allstar Link Network.  For more information, visit

The N3NKV Repeater is node 43893.

Map of All Active Allstar Link ln the US

Click Here for Current Node Statistics for node 43893

Click Here for Status for node 43893


Last Updated 10/21/2018